Local June 12, 2012 | 12:05 pm

Dominicans of Haitian descent protest alleged denial of nationality rights

Santo Domingo.- Dominicans of Haitian descent on Tuesday protested the Central Electoral Board’s (JCE) decision to revoke their nationality and called for the measure’s repeal, alleging denial of their rights.

Representatives of the movement "Reconocido" (recognized) protested outside the JCE demanding an end to so called denationalization policy and say resolution 12 halts the issuing of birth certificates to Dominicans of Haitian origin despite having all other required documents.

"We the youngsters aren’t to blame for the mistakes of our parents, it’s an injustice of the JCE. We want to progress to help our parents who gave their lives in the Dominican cane fields. We’re young people deprived of our rights, we were born here and have no origins, and even animals have origins," said Elena Lorac, who showed a copy of her birth certificate.

She said when she went to get a duplicate ID to enroll in a university three years ago she was denied, adding that Dominicans of Haitian descent want to complete their college studies and enter into other productive activities other than domestic service and selling on the streets.

While Ana Maria Belique a college student, also showed her ID card and said she now won’t be able to get duplicate documents because they aren’t being issued. She said she has never been to Haiti.

In addition to the capital, the protest was staged simultaneously in front of the electoral boards in Bayaguana, Guaimate, La Romana, El Seibo and San Pedro de Macoris, and in the sugar mill towns Consuelo, Quisqueya and Ramon Santana. T

The protesters chanted "I want to progress and the board won’t let me"; "I want to study and the board won’t let me" and "I want to work and the board won’t let me."

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