Local June 21, 2012 | 7:33 am

Falcondo won’t harm the environment; its existence depends on it

BONAO.- The miner Falconbridge Dominicana SA (Falcondo) on Wednesday said its Loma Miranda water management and runoff controls will avert harm to the environment, and that the company’s existence for the next 20 years will depend on that project.

External Affairs manager Jose Luis Lopez said Falcondo "has been holding a dialogue with all our stakeholders to hear their concerns and respond to each of them."

"In every conversation we’ve expressed concern about the mining operation’s impacts on Loma Miranda could have on the river and other tributaries of the Jagüey," he said.

He said all studies conducted by independent companies such as Golder Associates and Environmental Resources Management show that there’ll be no impact on the river. "And a hydrometric station in the community Acapulco was just now opened for the community to monitor the quality and quantity of water before we start to operate."

Lopez, quoted by elnacional.com.do, said it was important to stress that the operation doesn’t involve the use of cyanide, chemicals or explosives, and no risk of exposure to sulphides. "We firmly believe that our activity doesn’t affect the Jagüey River and we’re ready and willing to share our research and continue the dialogue with anyone who’s interested in our operation."

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