Local July 2, 2012 | 9:09 am

Opposition party president says he’s willing to pact for development

Santo Domingo.- Opposition PRD party president Miguel Vargas on Sunday said he’s not only willing to sign a pact with president-elect Danilo Medina on at least six points for development -but even further- a 20 year plan among political, business, religious and union leaders, for the sitting president’s approval every four years, regardless of party.

The political leader said the PRD will conduct a strong, responsible and rational opposition. "I’d be willing to sign a pact involving most of the country, to mark the development process. It would be a national project."

Quoted by listin.com.do, Vargas said in addition to the three issues raised by Medina for a national agreement: education, electricity and tax reform, other arrangements are needed to ensure development.

He added that other areas which must be taken into account are tourism, health, public safety, natural resources, environment, and the municipalities, which in his view impacts the population the most.

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