Local August 1, 2012 | 8:01 am

Haiti lawmakers visit sausage plants as salami row crosses border

SANTO DOMINGO.- Public Health Minister Bautista Rojas promised to disclose the results of the studies to be conducted on salamis, just one day after the Haitian Government announced a ban on its import from Dominican Republic.

He said the analyses will be according to global standards.

The official revealed that a committee was designated to ensure the product’s quality and the support from the Pan American Health and Nutrition Institute.

Rojas added that the country’s sausage makers have been convened to learn of the purpose and scope of the study that seeks to determine the quality of locally produced and consumed salami.

Haitian delegation

The row that began with the revelation that fecal coliform was found in samples of salami unleashed a scandal and led to Haiti’s ban on the sausage and has prompted the visit of Haitian lawmakers and business leaders to several meat processing plants nationwide.

The Haitian delegation visited the facilities of the Induveca meat processing company, in central La Vega, to see firsthand how salamis and other sausages are made.

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