Local August 7, 2012 | 7:58 am

Investigative journalist stokes sausage row, study confirms poor quality

Santo Domingo.- Two studies disclosed by investigative journalist Nuria Piera confirm the Consumer Protection Agency’s report on the poor quality of salami and other sausages.

Analyzes by the labs Agroempresarial and Serrallé contracted by Piera’s TV program show that the protein and nutritional levels of locally made salamis and sausages are below the established by the Standards and Quality Systems Agency (Digenor).

And although they also show a presence of bacteria which can cause skin conditions and gastrointestinal disorders, there was no Salmonella or fecal coliform, which are dangerous bacteria.

Prior to disclosing the studies however Piera noted that the country doesn’t have labs with equipment to confirm the quality of the results, for which she proposed a more thorough investigation using laboratories abroad.

"They will not have the depth and expertise needed because is very difficult to get a lab in the country that could have all the modern and sophisticated equipment needed to see what’s a product made of."

The sausages analyzed were the brands Sosua Fud, Induveca, Checo, Don Lindo, Frio Carne, Agrotel, Stefanutti, FirstSelect and Popular del Cerro.

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