Local November 14, 2012 | 3:08 pm

Venezuela deports Dominican capo to Colombia

Caracas. – Venezuela today deported the Colombians Daniel Barrera, "El Loco Barrera” and Jorge Milton Cifuentes Villa ("JJ" or "Jack") back to their country, and Dominican-American Eduardo Acosta Mejia, to face drug trafficking charges, EFE reports .

Venezuelan Justice and Interior Minister Nestor Reverol announced the deportations via the Maiquetia International Airport, where the deportees boarded a plane sent by Colombian authorities.

Barrera, 43, is "one of the world’s most wanted men" and accused of shipping "more than 31 tons of cocaine" to the United States, while Cifuentes, 47, is a "citizen widely sought for traffic drug" and a member of a "family clan" that maintains alliances "with international illicit drug trafficking organizations in Mexico," Reverol said.

Barrera was captured on September 18 at Venezuela’s Tachira state northwestern border, where he was hiding since 2008, while Cifuentes’ arrest occurred November 8, and was also escorted aboard a Colombian police plane.

Likewise, Acosta, 30, a Dominican-born U.S. citizen, was deported to Colombia.

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