Local November 20, 2012 | 11:14 am

Human Rights stages protest at the Israeli Embassy

Santo Domingo.- Around 20 members of the Dominican Human Rights Committee protested in front of the Israeli Embassy Tuesday morning, demanding as ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in the conflict they blame on Tel Aviv.

The protesters also called for a peaceful solution so that both Palestine and Israel can live together in peace.

Committee chair Virgilio Almanzar called what Israel’s been doing to the Palestinian people a slaughter and genocide. "We demand that Israel and Palestine seek a compromise, a way to live in peace."

The confrontation since last week between the forces of Israeli and the Hamas Palestinian faction has already claimed the lives of 104 and 900 people hurt, of which 200 are estimated to be children.

Shortly before the arrival of the demonstrators at the embassy on Henríquez Ureña St. near Tiradentes Av., police patrols showed up and guarded the front of the building.

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