Local November 21, 2012 | 3:44 pm

Yzaguirre lauds Medina’s first 100 days; urges fight on corruption(UPDATE)

Santo Domingo.- Raul Yzaguirre said the Dominican Republic is moving towards a perfect democracy, but also faces the challenge of complying with the rule of law and must confront corruption.

The diplomat, speaking in AmCham-DR’s traditional Thanksgiving Day luncheon, said it’s urgent for the country to fight corruption. "It’s the challenge of establishing the rule of law and to confront corruption."

FILE. U.S. ambassador Raul Yzaguirre said president Danilo Medina has acted wisely first during his 100 days in office, which in his view have been positive.

He said the United States is very respectful of Medina’s efforts and is willing to help him during his term.

Yzaguirre, speaking before the American Chamber Commerce’s monthly luncheon, also said he agrees with the proposed installation of X-ray detectors in the country’s ports, and everything to halt the flow of drugs through the country.

"We will increase the efforts and resources to address the issue of drugs. It’s a serious problem and we recognize that although the Dominican Republic isn’t a major route for the flow of drugs, when we start to control the flow in Central America, the trend is a deviation through the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic," the diplomat said.

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