Local December 29, 2012 | 9:27 am

Bringing foreign teachers is a good initiative, Villeya de Paliza says

Santo Domingo.– Elena Viyella, president of Action for Education (EDUCA) said that everything which contributes to improve and accelerate the training of Dominican teachers should be supported, especially in the most critical areas such as mathematics, physics, science, reading and comprehension.

"Bringing foreign teachers is much more effective, as more of our teachers can take advantage of their knowledge and training, which would lead to a better use of resources," said Viyella when referring to President Danilo Medina’s initiative of bringing foreign teachers.

"Most of our teachers have deficiencies and the first thing to improve that is to recognize it, which is why we believe in investing in their training so we can dignify their role in society," Villeya added.

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