Local January 14, 2013 | 11:26 am

Opposition party row roils downtown Santo Domingo(Update)

Santo Domingo.- Around 10:30am Antiriot Police clashed with demonstrators in front of PRD party headquarters, who from the streets around the busy Jiménez Moya Av, hurled stones and bottles.

The agents responded with tear gas, which sent the crowd of hundreds of PRD members scurrying to side streets. No injuries have been reported during the incidents.

FILE. The opposition PRD party’s disciplinary hearing against former president Hipolito Mejia and three other senior leaders began 9:35am without their presence, while outside the organization’s headquarters dozens of Antiriot police and private security agents work to control an angry crowd, mostly supporters of the accused.

Some loud explosions were also heard in the barrio El Manguito, but Police haven’t reported any injuries or violence, while motorists have to put up with traffic jams on several major arteries.

Senior leaders Andres Bautista, Orlando Jorge and Geanilda Vasquez were outside the PRD offices demanding to enter accompanied by other leaders and rank and file supporters, but were not allowed inside, reportedly because the room where the hearing is being held was full.

PRD Disciplinary Board chairman Rafael Vasquez (Fiquito) called a five minute recess to allow Jorge and Vasquez to enter, but the trial resumed without them.

The lawyer for Jorge is Eduardo Sanz, Andres Lugo represents Vasquez, while Emmanuel Esquea represents Mejia, whose followers outside shouted "Miguel, traitor and liar," in reference to the ex president’s rival and PRD president, Miguel Vargas.

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