Local January 23, 2013 | 11:57 am

American pedophile caught in Puerto Plata gets 34 years in the pen

Santiago.- A Modesto, California court sentenced Douglas Troy Brimm to 34 years in prison, convicted of sexual assaults in the U.S., and also of shoeshine boys in Puerto Plata (north), where he offered them money and food.

The foreigner, a registered sex offender of several children in the U.S. came to the Dominican Republic for illicit sex with minors, according to a statement by the Puerto Plata Office of the Prosecutor.

According to evidence at the trial the 50 year old arrived in the country October 20, 2009, where he took advantage of poor shoeshine boys in the coastal area, forcing them into relationships.

Puerto Plata prosecutor Alba Núñez said the trial in the US stemmed from a joint investigation of the U.S Homeland Security Dept.’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), her office and the National Police.

Brimm’s previous convictions including sodomizing a minor in 1991and distributing pedophile material forced him to register as a sex offender in his country, where Dominican authorities extradited him in May, 2012.

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