Local February 6, 2013 | 7:29 am

Most Dominican sausage makers comply after “fecal salami” scandal

Santo Domingo.- A study on 103 products from 22 sausage makers found that 99% of the plants comply with sanitary norms and substantially improved nitrite levels, compared with the Consumer Protection Agency’s (Pro Consumidor) analysis last year.

The release of the study comes several months after the “fecal salami” scandal unleashed late last year, which led to a plunge in sausage sales and dispute among the various government agencies over the fecal coliform bacteria detected in various samples.

Public Health minister Freddy Hidalgo said while the first study found plants with a nitrite level of 1,300 parts per million, the current high figure was 177. "The results we’ve found in favor of the salami content have been quite extraordinary and positive."

Hidalgo however declined to identify seven plants he said minimally altered nitrite levels, and have "no health risk implications." He said they were given a one-week deadline to "update themselves in that aspect."

Speaking at a National Palace press conference Tuesday afternoon, the official revealed that a plant was closed immediately because it "had alterations" and promised to post more information on the Health Ministry website.

Despite journalists’ insistence to name the seven companies issued the deadline, and shuttered, Hidalgo said they weren’t identified to not affect "the part that has to do with the industry," adding that the companies did a “great job” in reducing nitrite levels.

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