Local April 9, 2013 | 11:34 am

Workers would accept a 20% wage increase, union leader says

Santo Domingo.- Labor union leader Rafael Abreu (Pepe) revealed Monday that workers would accept a 20% increase on the minimum wage because no one can agree on less than the 17% they obtained two years ago.

The president of the labor unions grouped in the CNUS said despite their willingness to reach an agreement with employers, workers had to break the talks because they only offered a 5 percent hike. “An increase of 5% isn’t even 20 pesos a day for a worker.”

"We took our 30% increase proposal to the National Wage Committee, so employers should make their proposal," the union leader said in the program ‘El Boulevard with Pablo McKinney’.

"If employers had offered 15%, we could find a halfway point."

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