Local May 2, 2013 | 10:42 am

Justice Minister “asks” subordinates to do their job

Santo Domingo.- Justice minister Francisco Domínguez on Wednesdaybecame the latest senior official to “ask” his underlings to carry out theirduties, by requesting that prosecutors across the country enforce Copyright Law65-00.

He asked prosecutors to note the importance of acting againstthose who break the law. "There are tangibles, such as a TV or amotorcycle, which we protect, but there are also intangibles that have as muchor more value than the same tangible asset, which we also have to protect."

Dominguez said it’s a changing world with assets andproperty, not necessarily material, that should be protected, that are linkedto the intellect and creativity.

The official headed a meeting at the Justice Ministrywith prosecutors from across the country and folk singer Manuel Jimenez, headof the association of authors , composers and music publishers grouped in SGACEDOM.

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