Local June 7, 2013 | 12:44 pm

Judge jails 7 men in case of US$3.0M seized at Casa de Campo

La Romana, Dominican Republic.- La Romana’s Instruction Court on Friday ruled to incarcerate seven men charged in the confiscation in April of over three million dollars at the resort Casa de Campo.

Fausto Ernesto Severino Marte, Herminio Mercedes, Alan Luis Quesada Santiago Henrique Damian Rijo, Juan Ubiera Mercedes; Junior Henrry Silvestre and Manuel Ruiz will spend three months in the local jail to await trial, as requested by Assistant DA Richard Guilamo.

The US$3.3 million were seized at Casa de Campo allegedly found in two picnic coolers and in several packages.

The authorities thus far have retained a yacht and two villas, owned by U.S. citizens Alberto de la Cruz and Rogelio Oruna, Puerto Rican businessmen, who weren’t charged.

At a press conference, Antinarcotics Agency director Rolando Rosado and La Romana prosecutor José Polanco identified Severino Marte as the ringleader, a former Navy officer and former member of the National Investigations Department (DNI).

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