Local June 12, 2013 | 1:20 pm

Dominican-American actress snares her father’s murderer on the Web

NEW YORK. – Aspiring Dominican-American actress Joselyn Martinez resorted to the Web and media to help police locate the suspect in her father’s murder, occurred in 1986 in New York, AP reports.

In recent years she periodically sought information on the man who witnesses say shot and killed her father outside his restaurant on November 22, 1986, when she was just nine.

Since 2006 Martinez surfed MySpace and Facebook for information and in 2011 wrote to "America’s Most Wanted" and paid 69.99 dollars out of her own pocket to several search programs that reveal potential Web addresses and phone numbers of any person.

Her efforts paid off Friday when police arrested Justo Santos, charged with the murder of the father, Jose Martinez 27 years ago outside a Dominican eatery in the Washington Heights, Upper Manhattan.

"It’s amazing," Martinez, 36, said Tuesday. "I didn’t plan this. It’s been surreal."

Police said Santos, whose arrest in Miami was first reported by The Daily News, has made statements implicating him in the murder.

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