Local June 14, 2013 | 8:25 am

Dominican Government ignores residents, illegal bridge continues

Santo Domingo.- Several Neighborhood boards staged a candlelight vigil outside Unicaribe University Thursday night to protest the illegal pedestrian walk which president Danilo Medina’s Administration has decided to ramrod in violation of zoning laws.

Crews of the contractor Pinsa yesterday resumed construction of the pedestrian walk in front of Unicaribe, one of the numerous “garage” universities, so-called from having sprouted across the country without planning.

The government’s OISOE agency is in charge of the structure’s construction, despite the National District City Council’s resolution to ban the bridge, whose work resumes eight days after riot Police had to disperse a throng of Unicaribe students and staff which blocked the 30 de Mayo (Malecon) to demand its completion.

A crane began laying the pillars that will support bridge’s beams Thursday morning, while residents of Dominicanos Ausentes and other Neighborhood boards vowed to heighten their protest against the work.

Eneida Reyes said Unicaribe’s buildings have ruined the neighborhood were cars park on its sidewalks and has drawn unwanted businesses such as bars and street vendors.

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