Local June 20, 2013 | 8:41 am

Announced presidential bid roils biggest opposition party

Santo Domingo.- Wednesday’s announced bid for the National Palace by the president of Dominican Republic’s major opposition party (PRD) brought the immediate response from his rival and former President, who called it “crazy.”

Miguel Vargas’ announcement to seek his party’s presidential candidacy for the 2016 elections came during a press conference where ex PRD leader and former senator Tonty Rutinel Dominguez returned to the organizatoni.

"We’ve never denied that we want to be president,” Vargas said when reporters asked about by the decor in the salon at PRD headquarters with banners stating "Miguel 2016."

Vargas’ announcement spurred the gabby former president Hipolito Mejia to call the bid "crazy."

Mejia noted that the PRD’s presidential candidacy should be decided at a convention where PRD leaders and rank and file participate, as established in its statutes. "The PRD is a democratic party and decisions must be taken respecting its institutionalism."

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