Local June 20, 2013 | 8:18 am

Senate approves sweeping changes in the military

Santo Domingo.- The Senate on Wednesday passed the Armed Forces Statutory Law, with sweeping changes in the military such as fewer generals; a civilian could head the Ministry to be called “of Defense”, and changes the names of the Navy and the Army.

There’ll be one general per 1,000 members in each branch, the ”Navy of War’s” current name will be changed to Dominican Navy, while the National Army will be renamed Dominican Army.

The Minister will have a term of no more than two years, but the President can extend it two additional years by decree.

A General would hold the rank no longer than 10 years, with mandatory retirement after that. The same applies to the ranks of colonels or Navy captains. The retirement age for all members of the military is voluntary after 25 years of service, but mandatory at 40.

Promotions and retirements will only be conducted on February 27 of each year, Day of National Independence.

To be promoted, the beneficiary must have at least four years in their current rank.

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