Local July 11, 2013 | 11:17 am

Government distributes food; works to prevent landslides on roads

Santo Domingo.- As of Wednesday the Government’s Social Assistance Plan has distributed 32,000 rations of raw meals to feed around 160,000 people affected by Tropical Storm Chantal nationwide, with 60,000 in reserve to distribute to families evacuated by the flooding.

4,000 sacks of staples such as rice, sardines, pasta, sugar, oil, flour, oats, pigeon peas, and others have been dispatched to the hardest hit provinces comprised of Barahona and Pedernales (southwest), in addition to mattresses and blankets.

Moreover, 2,000 food rations were distributed in Greater Santo Domingo, 2,500 in Monte Plata, 2,000 in Puerto Plata; 2,500 in San Cristobal, 2, 500 in San José de Ocoa, among others.

Social Plan director Cesar Prieto said assistance was also sent to Azua, San Juan and Montecristi provinces, among others, and to poor sectors on the Ozama river bank.


As to the storm’s damages on highways, Public Works minister Gonzalo Castillo on Thursday announced work to prevent landslides on roads across the country.

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