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Aliens, sect, theft surface in case of German killed by Dominican police

Santo Domingo.- Amid a hail of bullets during the raid of a gated community in Sosua, Puerto Plata, prosecutors who sought refuge became separated from the police squad, and it was then when a group of agents allegedly stole more than RD$60 million (US$1.4 million) and jewelry in a safe.

One German national was shot dead in what an internal Police probe calls a “botched” raid.

When the incident occurred at Colonia Mulata III last October, the authorities and the media focused only on the bust of a satanic cult and the confiscation of a virtual arsenal of assault rifles and other military gear, but it’s nearly one year later when the alleged theft of millions of pesos comes to the fore.

Despite the case’s months-long investigation, prosecutors couldn’t determine what in fact, the police agents allegedly stole.

The deadly raid

One week before the raid Environment Ministry agents tried to enter the property on a complaint of unauthorized cutting of trees, but were met with gunfire from the foreigners.

After several days another police unit rushed to the scene where the German Peter Dietrich was killed and three officers hurt in the second shootout.

After the raid the authorities said an armored vehicle, five shotguns, four pistols, two rifles, seven hundred bulletproof vests and ammo had been seized.

The Germans however claim that the agents conspired to steal safes, a car, garments, computers, hard drives with books that took over 30 years to compile and had "ransacked the entire place." They also affirmed that the agents had consumed everything in the fridge.

In connection with the case the National Police fired and charged 14 agents and officers whom the Germans accuse of taking part in the theft.

Three generals were also reprimanded for failing to properly investigate the incident, although Justice minister Francisco Dominguez says they have no criminal liability.

In the compound the alleged sect had fortified structures, had installed equipment for them to survive a cataclysmic event, including the Mayan prediction for December, 2012, and had military training to defend the site during the ensuing chaos.

The group’s mix of beliefs include Buddhism, Mayan culture, Sahi Baba, Christianity and the existence of aliens, information they say is covered up by the major world powers and the media.

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