Local August 15, 2013 | 7:51 am

Dominican official: There’s evidence against colonels in German’s death

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.- Puerto Plata province prosecutor Alba Nuñez on Wednesday affirmed having evidence of the theft by several police officers during a raid last year at the gated community La Mulata III, Sosua, where one German citizen was killed by gunfire.

She announced the arrest within 15 days of the police officers who conducted an irregular raid in which the German Peter Ebert Demetrick was killed by gunfire, and the alleged theft of two safes with around US$1.5 million and various weapons, among other items.

Nuñez revealed that evidence points to the theft of two safes by several agents, but the amount of money stolen has yet to be specified. According to the German owners of La Mulata, the safes had some US$1.5 million and other belongings.

"The Justice Ministry will not tolerate any law enforcement officer beating, mistreat or steal during a procedural action, that we will ever allow," the official said.


Yesterday Justice minister Francisco Domingo said the authorities await the surrender of police colonels Raymundo de la Rosa Ogando and Roberto Santos Salcedo, and Lt. Felix Odennis Francisco Reyes.

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