Local August 19, 2013 | 3:07 pm

“Crowd” warns Medina to change his tune, fire dissonant officials

Santo Domingo.- The Movement La Multitud (the crowd) said today that if President Danilo Medina wants to play his musical work, he’ll “have to make several changes in the orchestra,” referring to the possible replacement of government officials.

"It would be healthy for the country to shake the government plaza," said movement spokesman Franiel Genao, noting that August 16, which marked 150 years since the Restoration of Independence, was a key occasion for Medina to listen the rumors by the citizens regarding the need to retire officials with as many as eight in the cabinet, "being recycled from one place to another, but without demonstrating any use" for the country.

Genao called on Medina to listen to the citizens’ hearts and make the changes that people demand, adding that "many of these officials have been questioned by the public in the handling of taxpayers’ money, while the president has yet to do anything to correct what is wrong."

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