Local August 26, 2013 | 8:48 am

Dominican Republic groups launch opposition front, mobilizations

Santo Domingo.- Political and social organizations on Sunday announced mobilizations nationwide to make opposition against Danilo Medina’s Administration and the ruling PLD party.

The spokesman for former president Hipolito Mejia Mejia, Hector Guzman said the “population’s demand” prompted the groups and sectors of Dominican Republic’s major opposition party (PRD) headed by Mejia and Luis Abinader to launch the opposition front.

"The complaint is that there’s no opposition and with this initiative we want to fill this demand that the Dominican people have, we’re converging on the streets to fight for the Dominican people’s demands and we’re willing to do so, from the PRD and from the person I stand here representing, president Hipolito Mejia," he said.

Although Mejia didn’t attend the activity, Guzman said he had been meeting with those sectors for several weeks.

Among the leaders president in the activity held at the Cultural Center Narciso González Guzmán were PRD leaders Luis Abinader, Milagros Ortiz, Fernando Duran, Rafael (Fafa) Taveras, Janet Camilo, Geanilda Vásquez and Alfredo Pacheco.

Also present were Widen Front president Fidel Santana, deputy and transport mogul John Hubieres; political scientist Pedro Catrain, psychiatrist Cesar Mella and the writer Andrs L. Mateo.

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