Local October 28, 2013 | 11:53 am

Top Spanish magazine taps Medina as “most outstanding international figure”

Santo Domingo.- One of Spain’s most popular magazine chose president Danilo Medina as "the most outstanding international figure in 2013," award which will be bestowed during a ceremony to be held in November.

Executives of Cambio 16, of the EIG Multimedia Group, inform the decision said that it is the result of a consensus among the members and representatives of its drafting and international readers, together with the social network.

Medina was informed of the prize in a missive from EIG Multimedia Group president Manuel Domínguez Moreno.

"We’re pleased to inform you that the Council of Editors of Cambio 16, staff, readers and of the group’s social networks, have decided to name you as the most prominent international figure in 2013, one of the most important awards given our weekly during 35 years," said Domínguez in the letter.

The leading publication award has a focus on the actions by international political figures, ethics, and the analysis of actions from key world figures, local Spanish and international personalities and institutions.

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