Local November 28, 2013 | 4:13 pm

‘Dark’ sectors stoke Dominican-Haiti conflict, top general warns

Santo Domingo.- While Defense minister Sigfrido Pared on Thursday warned that “dark” local and foreign sectors stoke the conflict between Dominican Republic Haiti, a fresh round of incidents maintain the tension along the Hispaniola neighbors’ 300-kilometer long border.

Pared, interviewed at the National Palace, said there’re no problems at the border, but noted that as the result of the development s in the past few days, military vigilance was bolstered.

He said Port-au-Prince and Santo Domingo authorities have been in contact to ensure the safety of Dominicans living in Haiti.

Tense border

The border remains tense after one of the tear gas canisters lobbed by Haiti police to disperse unruly vendors reached the Dominican town of Jimani, where money lenders apparently staged a protest against the authorities which for shuttering the cross-border trade.

TV channel NCDN reported that stones hurled by Haitian nationals damaged their team’s equipment.

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