Local December 2, 2013 | 9:15 am

Official: The Mafia already has Haiti, Dominican Republic is next

Santo Domingo.- While many Dominicans are “cowering” from the current row over their Constitutional Court ruling which affects thousands of Haitian offspring in the country, their Hispaniola neighbors have become a failed State where the UN’s military occupation is oblivious to international drug mafias that are carving out its territory.

Government Ethics Commission president Marino Vinicio (Vincho) Castillo made the warning Monday, and asked citizens to be on the alert for the sectors that seek to weaken the high court ruling, “because that’s the job they are paid to do.”

Interviewed on Colorvision Channel 9, Castillo also warned president Danilo Medina against adopting any stance which citizens could view as circumventing the ruling or evading his responsibilities as Head of State.

He warned the country against allowing a repeat of the conflict which arose in the Balkans, where the “Albanian mafia” was able to enter Slovenia and eventually Western Europe through the insurgency in Kosovo.

“I’m telling you to don’t get caught cowering from the situation, the plan is afoot,” the official said, and affirmed that the same formula was successful in the Balkans, “where the Albanian mafia” managed to establish a foothold in Western Europe.

“The macabre plan isn’t just to get us to allow the functioning of the Narco-State next door, it’s also to secure the entire island (Hispaniola) for the transnational mafia."

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