Local January 2, 2014 | 4:39 pm

As warned: Traffic cops stop, ticket, tow autos for expired tags

Santo Domingo.- Traffic cops (AMET) on Thursday beganstopping motorists for driving without the license plate renewal sticker, and impoundedtheir vehicles.

"Amet begins to retain car owners for failingto renew their plate label," said AMET spokesman Roberto Lebrón. “The measurehad been warned by DGIII (Internal Tax Agency), so it is not new.”

In a press release in December the DGII had warnedthat AMET agents will be on the streets to seize vehicles without the sticker.

It reiterated that there will be no extension, butnoted that throughout January can renew their plates at 700 points in banks accrossthe country, but paying a RD$600 late fee.

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