Local February 10, 2014 | 7:12 am

Dominican, Haiti sectors promote hatred: Catholic Church

Santiago.- The Catholic Church on Sunday said sectors in the Dominican Republic and Haiti promote hatred and the permanent division of the two peoples, noting that both governments’ decision to solve problems through talks was "a bitter pill to swallow."

It hailed results of the second round of negotiations between Dominican and Haitian commissioners to eliminate disparities which further distance the two nations.

The Catholic Church’s position came in Sunday’s edition in its publication Camino titled "Blessed dialogue," and analyzes the present and future of the two countries.

It said the official talks held in Jimani and Ouanaminthe "have been the scenarios for distention and frank and sincere dialogue to achieve harmony between two neighbors,” who are compelled to reach an understanding.

As a sign of the dialogue’s importance, Camino notes than in Geneva the opposition and the Government of Syria had to sit to seek a solution "for the heartbreaking situation in these peoples because of the fratricidal war."

"In this mirror of encounter we should see ourselves and these events should show Dominicans and Haitians that the only way to solve our common problems is dialogue and mutual collaboration while respecting each people’s way of being," it said.

Camino admits however that some Dominican and Haitian sectors promote hatred, confrontation and the permanent division, but affirms that the talks "are a bitter pill to swallow because they wager on other ways that lead only to destruction and resentment."

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