Local March 4, 2014 | 4:33 pm

Scientists want Lake Enriquillo’s flooded lands added to National Park

Santo Domingo.- The Academy of Sciences on Tuesday asked the Environment Ministry to seek an Executive order to add the farmlands affected by Lake Enriquillo’s flooding to the National Park of the same name, to preserve the protected area unique to the Caribbean.

"Now that most of the lands submerged today are part of Lake Enriquillo’s shores, which were occupied when the water level was at its lowest level and to prevent that the relocated people reclaim those lands in the future, we propose that the Ministry obtain that the recipients pledge in a document to transfer their land to Lake Enriquillo National Park, in exchange for the properties they receive, agreeing not reoccupy the area," the Academy proposed in a statement.

President Danilo Medina recently announced the date to finish construction on a housing project at Boca de Cachon, Jimami, built for some of the inhabitants displaced by the Lake’s unexplained expansion.

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