Local March 5, 2014 | 6:07 pm

Dominican Republic poultry mogul says his son stole US$581.3M

Santo Domingo.- Poultry mogul Carlomagno Tomas Gonzalez Pockels on Wednesday charged his son Carlomagno Tomas Gonzalez Medina of stealing RD$25.0 billion (US$581.3 million) by using forged documents.

Gonzalez senior, president of the country’s biggest livestock and poultry group (Pollo Cibao) filed the charges at the National District Office of the Prosecutor.

The criminal complaint against Gonzalez Medina, one of the shareholders, claims he tried to steal the company based in Jarabacoa (central), from his father

Gonzalez Medina is accused of selling an unspecified number of shares worth RD$20 billion to Golden Grain, Poultry Operator and Investment and the company Neagale Development, based in Virgin Islands, allegedly without Gonzalez Pockels’ consent.

Gonzalez Pockels claims he became aware of the fraud transfer of the shares at the Chamber of Commerce and Production.

The complaint also names the attorney Juan Enrique Morel, and U.S. national Luis Andrés Olivares, who also face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

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