Local March 12, 2014 | 10:08 am

High booze prices put the bite on bars, push partiers to shore

Santo Domingo.- Seaside recreation sites such as Güibia, Plaza Juan Barón and Hostos Park on the Malecon, as well as Avenida España are putting the bite on the income of many nightclubs and bars which now see fewer customers.

High booze and beer prices in nightclubs have turned many middle and lower class people away, and others are frequenting public spaces not only for a "bonche" (party), but a place for family fun.

On weekends throngs of people arrive on foot or in vehicles to some of the parks of the Malecon and España avenue to share with family and friends.

A big bash is much cheaper in those places than in a nightclub or bar, since each host can take their own food or drinks.

Many people used to party at El Puerto Av., but now prefer Güibia, Juan Barón, España Av. and the parks on fears of being robbed.

Cheap fun

People take stereos to liven up their parties on the streets and other public spaces while some even buy their beverages at the numerous "drinks" that have popped up across the country.

Many families also pack tables and chairs to play dominoes while enjoying the sea breeze.

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