Local March 25, 2014 | 10:34 am

Allegations fly as race for Congress pits Dominican-American, African-American

New York.- Allegations fly as the race for a seat in the 13th Congressional District reaches a critical stage, pitting New York State Senator, American- Dominican Adriano Espaillat against African American representative Charles Rangel, both veterans of the Democratic party.

Espaillat, himself the target of alleged ethics violations, called “desperate” his opponent’s accusations of "having received orders from those who give the money to his campaign."

The State Senator, who will face the veteran lawmaker from Harlem for the second time, said "Rangel is desperate and panicked."

But Rangel through his spokesman, asked whether Espaillat will join mayor Bill de Blasio and the children of New York, “or continue to fight for the special interests that fund his campaign.”

Espaillat campaign spokeswoman Chelsea Connor countered Rangel’s allegation, which in hew view "obviously reveals a desperate campaign, and in panic."

Rangel’s campaign referred to charter city schools and accuses Espaillat of supporting the initiative at the expense of poor students who are relocated at other facilities, replaced by the new privatization model. Di Blasio opposes charter schools.

"This baseless accusation comes from Charles Rangel, a man who has a record in the House of Representatives of violating the code of ethics, has a long list of violations and was reprimanded by his fellow legislators," Connor said.

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