Local March 31, 2014 | 11:55 am

Medina owns up to faux pas, meets with veteran politico; Protestants next

Santo Domingo.- In his rounds to gather opinions leading to the Naturalization bill, president Danilo Medina met Monday with minority opposition PRSD party president Hatuey Decamps for more than one hour.

"We’re seeking legislation that’ll satisfy in the most humane way possible descendants of Haitian immigrants who’ve been affected by the Constitutional Court ruling. Although this solution doesn’t satisfy all of the country’s sectors we’ll try to at least get it accepted by the vast majority of the Dominican people," the head of State told journalists after meeting with the veteran politico.

Medina, who arrived at Decamps’ residence at 8:15am, said he will continue to analyze and reformulate the piece this week to submit to Congress in the coming days,

He added that he’ll meet with the Evangelical Council in the coming days, after they voiced disgust for being, according to them, excluded from the consultations.

More meetings

Medina apologized for stating that he had concluded the meetings last Friday, when he met with opposition and pro-government party leaders.

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