Local April 2, 2014 | 12:49 pm

Break-away deputies demand Customs clarity on tax breaks

Santo Domingo.- Eleven deputies of Dominican Republic’s opposition party (PRD) on Wednesday asked Customs director Juan Fernando Fernández to disclose the rental contract and other documents relating to the company ALMADECA, S.A. allegedly owned by PRD president Miguel Vargas.

Speaking for the PRD lawmakers, Bernardo German, Esther Minyetty and Alexis Isaac Jiménez noted that as a government official, Fernández must comply with the Free Access to Public Information Law

They said they represent citizens and Dominican society, which they affirm have the right to information about all contracts, to ensure transparency and legality.

The deputies, who belong to the faction which broke away from the PRD, said the Customs Agency has “provided millions of pesos in exemptions” to Vargas.

PRD deputies Evangelina Sosa, Juan José Morales, Agustín Mercedes, Francisco Antonio Santos, Adelis Olivares, José Morel, Elpidio Infante and Andrés Enmanuel Bautista also signed the request.

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