Local April 22, 2014 | 10:16 am

Local man joined Miami Police is charged with planning murders

New York.- Former Miami Dade Police Internal Affairs Dept. Lieutenant, the Dominican Ralph Mata “Hombre de la Leche (man of milk), charged with protecting an international drug trafficking ring, was released from jail Monday on US$500,000 bail.

Mata was arrested a few weeks ago in New Jersey and charged with providing protection to his accomplices drug in the U.S. and Dominican Republic, in addition to conspiring to hire gunmen to murder two men in the Caribbean country.

Federal prosecutors say the former officer, who joined Miami Police in 1992, also smuggled drugs inside banana crates and other products from Ecuador to Dominican Republic, to then ship to other countries.

New Jersey federal prosecutor Paul J. Fishman said Mata provided his accomplices with guns for the planned executions, but his bosses decided against it. They add that Mata received US$300,000 to hire assassins for the killings and would pay US$150,000 to each, among other allegations.

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