Local April 25, 2014 | 4:23 pm

Woman’s death linked to Dominican Republic’s bloodiest drug massacre

La Romana, Dominican Republic.- The Office of the Prosecutor investigates a Thursday night shooting that killed a woman when unidentified gunmen allegedly sought to murder Gregorio Vilorio Pérez (Darío Gasolina), owner of the beerhouse Alto Rango, linked by to drug trafficking cases.

La Romana prosecutor Richard Güílamo said the shots might have come from two men on a motorcycle, and killed Buenolia Jose, 79, who lives close to the business at Pedro A. Lluberes Av. She died near 7am.

Guilamo said however that Vilorio’s whereabouts were unknown until shortly after 11am.

Vilorio was linked to the case Paya, Bani (south), where 8 Colombians were gunned down in a thicket and a Nicaraguan was injured, in August 2008. He had been questioned and released after "voluntarily" turning the assault rifles used in the murders that rocked the country.

Prosecutors used him as a witness in the case, seeking to link him with the Navy captain Edward Mayobanex Rodríguez Montero, through the weapons.

One of the prosecution witnesses in the trial involving 22 civilians and members of the military revealed Thursday that he, jointly with former Navy commander Carlos Rossó Peña, extradited to Puerto Rico on drug trafficking, organized illegal crossings to send people to Puerto Rico.

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