Local May 26, 2014 | 4:56 pm

Notorious unsolved murders haunt Justice

Santo Domingo.- The July 12, 2006, execution style murder of Civil Aviation official Angel Cristopher Martínez; the shooting death of physiatrist Sergio Rafael Rojas while jogging at the Botanical Gardens on August 3, 2010, who was allegedly mistaken for a notorious drug trafficker and cock-fighting aficionado..

Also the kidnapping and presumed killing of journalist and university professor Narciso Gonzalez (Narcisazo) on May 26, 1994 are three of the Dominican Republic’s most notorious, unsolved cases.

Also on the long list figure the September 14,1999, murder of three security guards during a heist of a Vimenca-Western Union vehicle carrying a reported RD$30.0 million, and the shooting death of engineer and Public Works Ministry contractor Hector Virgilio Ortega in the Jaragua Hotel on gym June 11, 2008.

Nearly eight years have passed since the murder of Angel Cristopher Martínez, the head of Civil Aviation Air Worthiness Dept. at Alma Rosa, Santo Domingo East. He was shot several times by gunmen while driving to work. He reportedly uncovered how drug traffickers modified airplane fuselages to carry narcotics to the U.S.

His son Erick Christopher on several occasions said his father was killed by drug traffickers working within Civil Aviation, which led to of several local airlines losing their permits to fly to the U.S.

The murder had been carried out with the complicity of Dominican Air Force (FAD) officers involved in drugs and people trafficking, according to Erick Christopher Martinez.

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