Local July 7, 2014 | 12:16 pm

Vatican tackles Dominican Republic pedophilia scandals: CNN priest

Santo Domingo.- The pedophilia scandals involving catholic clergy in the Dominican Republic were at the center of a heated debate Monday on the U.S. network CNN, whose commentator and Catholic priest Edward Beck cited the ongoing investigation of bishop Jozef Wesolowski, former Vatican envoy to the staunchly Catholic Caribbean nation of 10.5 million.

He said while it’s up to the governments of the Dominican Republic and of the prelate’s native Poland to request his extradition, both nations are seeking his prosecution by local judges.

The priest, speaking on CNN with Michaela Pereyra and John Berman, denied allegations of a cover-up, and said the Vatican is adhering to due process.

“If the allegations are credible, both Dominican Republic and Poland will seek extradition, but we’ve also seen how innocent people are accused,” the priest said, while Berman said the injuries “will unfortunately not be cured in the short term.”

Beck added that Pope Francis has shown a willingness to tackle the issue as evidenced y his meeting earlier today with six victims of abuse by Catholic priests.


In addition to Wesolowski, the also Polish Priest Wojciech Gil (Padre Alberto) faces charges of molesting at least five boys in the highland town of Juncalito, Santiago province. Gil is reportedly under house arrest near Warsaw.

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