Local July 21, 2014 | 11:23 am

Despite 20 hurt, opposition leader mocks violence in politics

Santo Domingo.- The dozens of people hurt Sunday during the opposition PRD party’s convention results from the “folklore and culture of Dominican politics,” said PRD senior leader Rafael (Figquito) Vazquez.

But National Police chief Manuel Castro on Monday announced the arrest of 15 people in connection with the incidents during the event, and said those responsible for the violence that left more than 20 people injured will be identified.

He said several pistols, revolvers and knives have also been seized, and that more than 15,000 agents were deployed across the country secure public safety.

The most prolonged shootout took place at Jiménez Moya (Churchill) Av., in front of PRD main offices, when party presidency candidate Guido Gomez arrives to cast his ballot, but wash blocked from entering by supporters of his rival, PRD president Miguel Vargas.

Scuffles and the burning of ballot boxes marked the voting process across the country, with balloting suspended in at least 10 provinces and delays of more than four hours.

The shootings were " part of the folklore and culture of the Dominican political parties,” said Vásquez.

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