Local July 24, 2014 | 3:22 pm

Israeli envoy rebuffs Chamber of Deputies ‘unfair’ resolution

Santo Domingo.- Israel Ambassador Bahij Mansour on Thursday rebuffed yesterday’s resolution by the Chamber of Deputies against Israel as unfair, and in his view addresses just one of the points relating to one of the factions in the conflict.

He said the resolution should mention the facts of the conflict, and condemned the acts of the group Hamas whom the diplomat called terrorists.

He said Hamas has launched 2,500 rockets at Israel’s civilian population thus far, most of which have failed to hit target as the result of the ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense system “and many other security measures taken by the State to save the lives of its inhabitants made up not only of Jews, but also Arabs, Palestinians, Druze and other minority groups.”

Mansour said Israel has accepted the cease-fire repeatedly, but rejected by the Hamas.”Even yesterday Israel accepted the ceasefire again, but Haled Mashal, leader of the terrorist organization Hamas, rejected this initiative again.”

The diplomat of Druze origin added that Israel wants a ceasefire, but not unilateral, “this must be accepted by the group Hamas also.”


On Wednesday the Chamber of Deputies approved a resolution demanding “a halt to the death of civilians in Gaza.”

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