Local July 28, 2014 | 11:33 am

Business leader, bishop hail Law helps Haitians’ descendants

Santo Domingo.- A bishop and a business leader consider the recently passed Immigration Regularization and Naturalization Law the legal instrument toward understanding between Dominican Republic and Haiti on the immigration issue and to strengthen bilateral trade.

They also call the enforcement of the rules a big step by president Danilo Medina to humanely resolve the decades-old legal conflict hobbling trade and friendship between the two countries.

Santiago Strategic Development Board chairman Carlos Fondeur and San Pedro Diocese bishop Manuel Osoria separately said Law 169-14 and its regulations will have a positive impact in Dominican Republic and Haiti, in human and economic terms.

Fondeur launded Medina’s efforts to seek a consensus to provide a legal and humanitarian solution to a situation that kept the country under pressure from abroad.

For Osoria, the Law will have a profound economic and social impact, for which he fully supports it. “It will help resolve the human drama of many foreigners, especially those of Haitian origin born in the Dominican Republic.”

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