Local July 30, 2014 | 3:35 pm

Forest fire in Dominican Republic highlands contained: Top official

Constanza, Dominican Republic.- The spread of the forest fire in Valle Nuevo National Park that started nearly two weeks ago has been considerably contained with "just two fronts yet to control," the Environment Ministry announced Wednesday

It said the stage to extinguish fire has begun began by dumping water over critical points with tanker trucks at sites of easy access. "This task also involves hundreds of men with hand tools."

After evaluating the fight against the blaze around midday Wednesday, Environment minister Bautista Rojas said he’s satisfied with the work of control it, "even before expected."

"The situation is really very favorable, and puts us on the path to announce that we could be saying that the fire is finally extinguished during the next few days," he said in a statement, adding that increased rainfall over the past two days and a notable drop in temperature have contributed to controlling the blaze.

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