Local July 31, 2014 | 11:28 am

No bail for Colombians nabbed at Dominican Republic’s first cocaine lab

San Cristobal, Dominican Republic.- San Cristóbal instruction Court judge Rosa Mateo urled Thursday for the prosecution and upheld prerial detention for Colombian brothers Huber Osvaldo and Ángel María Buitrago, charged with laundering money from drug trafficking.

The lawyers of the Buitragos, alleged leaders of one of the region’s most dangerous networks, are being held at Najayo Prison, San Cristobal, had motioned the Court for release on bond.

Anti-money laundering Special prosecutor Germán Miranda hailed the ruling. "We salute judge Mateo’s decision because it strengthens the prosecution’s actions agsint those crimes, and especially."

He said the authorities will remain alert to the Buitrago’s plans to get released on bail in their case in the Dominican Republic.

The Colombian nationals, who’re also accused of forging IDs, allegedly operated the country’s first major cocaine-processing lab in the community Sbana Toro, San Cristobal province.

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