Local August 20, 2014 | 8:55 am

Judge rejects arrest warrant for pistol planting prosecutor

Santo Domingo.- The Acting President of the Penal Chamber of the SanCristóbal Court of Appeal refused to emit an arrest warrant for the Ocoaprosecutor, José Miguel Cuevas, who is accused of plantinga pistol under a mattress in the home of alleged drug dealer Erín ManuelAndújar (Peña). The incident was recorded on video.

The court, headed by the firstsubstitute judge Milton Estenio Castillo, rejected the application for anarrest warrant presented by the Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal in thisjurisdiction, Jesús Vélez Santana, against prosecutor Cuevas.

The judge, who has also served in theOcoa Collegiate Tribunal, claims that although the alleged actions set out inthe application are categorized in the regulations as actions that arepenalized with custodial sanctions, it is also the case that the applicant forthe arrest warrant has not demonstrated any flight risk based on the requisitesestablished in article 225 of the Penal Code.

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