Local September 30, 2014 | 2:47 pm

Assistant DAs to walkout Thursday, demand 100% wage hike

Santo Domingo.- Assistant prosecutors on Tuesday announced a walkout next Thursday to demand a 100% wage increase and rejected the 25% hike to take effect next year, as proposed by Justice minister Francisco Domínguez.

A Commission of the Prosecutors Dignity Movement Office visited Congress Tuesday to convice lawmakers to include the increase in next year’s budget.

Movement spokespersons Sureli Jaquez and Pedro Amador said Dominguez didn’t tell the truth, because next year’s budget for the Office of the Prosecutor doesn’t include an increase, but a RD$14.0 million cut instead.

The Chamber of deputies Judiciary Commission received the assistant DAs, and reiterated the 24-hour work stoppage nationwide.

"The Justice Minister himself stated that an increase for the Office of the Prosecutor’s budget was needed to increase the prosecutors’ wages," Jaquez said.

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