Local November 4, 2014 | 12:35 pm

Dominican Republic industry mogul also supports top Prosecutor

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic Industries Association (AIRD) on Tuesday announced its support for Justice minister Francisco Dominguez, and urged him to rebubb the political pressure they affirm he has been subjected to in recent days.

Speaking on behalf of the industrialists, AIRD president Ligia Bonetti said they support Dominguez morally and socially, and urged him to "reject political pressure" and take the case against senator Felix Bautista "to the very end."

The industry mogul visited Dominguez’s office accompanied by several AIRD executives Tuesday morning, where they asked him to avert the politicization of the case.

The announcement by the AIRD industrialists comes just hours after their colleagues from the Herrera and Santo Domingo Province Industries Association (AIHE) also voiced support for Dominguez, who oversees the embezzlement case against Bautista now being heard by a special judge appointed by the Supreme Court.

Among the business leader who accompanied Bonetti figure Circe Almánzar, Marisol Vicens, José Manuel Torres, Celso Juan Marranzini, Julio Virgilio Brache, Yandra Portela, Maité Fernández, Ricardo Koenig, Manuel Cabral and Augusto Ramírez.

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