Local November 7, 2014 | 1:27 pm

Guns in deadly jailbreak were smuggled in fake leg: Police Chief(Update2)

Santo Domingo.- National Police chief Manuel Castro on Friday affirmed that the jailbreak sought to spring the convict Andy Mariñez Valdez and other inmates. Maríñez. He said Mariñez died in the fracas.

FILE. National Police chief Manuel Castro on Friday revealed that one of the inmates used his leg prosthesis to smuggle the weapons used in the failed jailbreak at Najayo prison two weeks ago, when four prisoners and two guards were killed.

He said the guards failed to detect the weapons smuggled into the prison, which were then entered into the cells of the inmates.

Castro, speaking in a press conference with Justice minister Francisco Dominguez, said it has yet to be determine whether police officers are involved in the fatal incident.

At least two shooters with assault riffles at the prison’s perimeter reportedly took part in the failed jailbreak and started firing as a ruse to spring their associates inside the facility.

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