Local November 19, 2014 | 1:54 pm

Yet another scandal: Officials did violate Financial Statement Law

Santo Domingo.- Accounts Chamber president Licelot Marte on Wednesday called unfortunate Francisco Dominguez’s statement that officials haven’t violated the Financial Statement Law, noting that the country’s top prosecutor was either taken out of context, is misinformed or didn’t interpret the statute correctly.

She said she regrets Dominguez’s comment on the law which took effect August 18 and sets a 30-day deadline -extended by the Accounts Chamber until 12 midnight on November 23- for officials to submit their financial statements. "For me, a legal professional, the Justice Minister’s statement has been like a whipping because he’s either misinformed, taken out of context or doesn’t know the content of the law."

She stressed that there are around 110 officials who’ve yet to submit their statements and “in violation of their function,” and revealed that Central banker Hector Valdez and deputy governor Lourdes Rocah submitted their statement yesterday.

Marte spoke in Congress prior to meeting with the Chamber of Deputies Standing Committee for the Accounts Chamber.

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