Local November 25, 2014 | 11:38 am

Senator’s embezzlement case ‘threatens legal security, breeds impunity’

Santo Domingo.- The head of the Justice Ministry’s Anti-corruption Dept. (Pepca) on Tuesday warned that the ruling to strike the liens from the properties of the realtor Rofi Srl, whose major stakeholder is senator Felix Bautista, and allegedly part of network to launder money, threatens legal security and breeds impunity.

Laura Guerrero called judge Frank Soto’s ruling to lift the liens a “dangerous change” which she affirms harms society’s efforts to prevent, prosecute and punish organized crime, “encouraging embezzlement, serious acts of corruption, drug organ and gun trafficking, terrorism, kidnapping and others."

She notes that the registrars of titles have been warned that failure to abide by the Justice Ministry resolution to maintain the liens could lead to the filing of charges against them.

Also accused in the embezzlement case against Bautista figure Soraida Abreu Martínez, José Elías Hernández García, Antonio Bolivar Ventura Rodríguez, Carlos Manuel Ozoria Martinez Medina and Bievenido Apolinar Breton and Gricel Araceli Soler Pimentel.

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